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Have you ever wanted to publish a novel? A comic? An art book? Perhaps you have a great idea for a magazine or an old college thesis sitting around, waiting for readers to recognize your brilliance. The Indie Guide to Indie Publishing is a Kickstarter project aiming to produce a book to help you on your self-publishing journey from start-to-finish. [link]

The book will include articles from NINE established indies on topics ranging from editing to cover design to promotion and everything in between. The authors are Amy Leigh Strickland (me), Bobby Nash (Samaritan), Blake Northcott (Vs. Reality), Carly Strickland (Mega-awesome cover artist), Dave Wheeler (comic artist), JL Bryan (Jenny Pox), Kiri Callaghan (Currently #2 on the Geek & Sundry Vlog contest!), Kyle Strickland (Say No to Sparkles), and Teal Haviland (UtopYA award winner, 2013 Best Debut Novel.)
Kickstartfacebook by Nimbuschick

So, if you ever now or in the future want to publish a book of your creative work, whatever that work may be, hop on over now and consider giving to the cause. A digital copy of the book can be yours for a $5 pledge. $15 for paperback. [link]
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I'm preparing for the release of Olympia Heights: The Blood of Athens. If any bloggers are interested in doing an interview or feature on the book, I'd be really grateful. The release is targeted for March 2013, so I had better get back to editing!
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I'm on a hunt for bloggers to help with the cover reveal for Olympia Heights: The Blood of Athens. The cover, designed by ~Curlystrickland, is going to be revealed Saturday with a giveaway. I'd love a few other blogs to do the reveal, too, and I'd be willing to add them on to the Rafflecopter entry methods.

If you have a blog about books, design, Greek mythology, etc, and you want to reveal the cover, let me know.

Nimbuschick on Twitter.
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I have a lot of crazy-talented people in my family. My brother is a 3D modeler, my father used to paint rather nice birds on slate, my cousin is a painter, his wife is a potter who has sold pottery to Blake Lively, my father-in-law builds scenery and performs in local theater, my husband is a trained mime and an amazing writer... but perhaps the most talented of all is my mother-in-law. Terry Strickland is an oil painter who generally works in realist portraits. She is crazy-talented and now she needs your help.

You see, we're running a Kickstarter for her art book, based on a two-year long portrait series called The Incognito Project. We have a big gallery show going on in November and we want the book ready to sell at the event. We're running a Kickstarter, where you can preorder the book (including shipping it's like, $25 off the retail price) or get other cool swag. Even a dollar will help.

Check it out, and PLEASE, even if you don't donate, share it with your friends.


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I just decided to go over some things I need to do, partially for you, and mostly for me. I have a lot of projects I'm balancing and it's nice to see it organized on my Mac Screen.

AWA: I'm going to AWA (Anime Weekend Atlanta) at the end of September with Ryan Brown and *Christadaelia and we're going to Cosplay a LOT. I've been working on the hardlines aspects of our costumes (props and armor) as well as my own wigs, Kyle's wig, and making sure that we're all on the same page so the costumes can come together. *Christadaelia is our brilliant seamstress and a professional costumer, so I'm trying my best to make WOW pieces to help her portfolio come together.

You can see Kain's Helmet (… and I've already finished Rosa's mace, Rydia's whip, Kain's spear (except the strap, which Anna is bringing this weekend!!!) and Cecil's sword. I've got the base of Cecil's armor cut and the design on the front riveted to it. I've got Rosa's greaves and tiara done and her pauldrons cut but I'm waiting on some deer antler tips to finish those up.

I have two months to get it all together, so I'll be busy.

Grad School: August 29 I start my Masters in Education in English LA.

The Department: I've begun to write a post-warts Harry Potter web comic. My two main characters are Neville and his partner at the DMLE, Brynja Dunstan. The story is going to follow the post-war cleanup, rounding up the remaining known Death Eaters 6 years later and trying to tie up loose ends. Ginny is pregnant with James, Neville is just moving out of Gran's house, and the amazing *DrZexxck will be illustrating the first dozen pages.

Each arch will have its own artist (some will repeat, I'm sure). My sister-in-law, Carly Strickland, wants an arch (… and anyone else who wants one can comment with a link to their portfolio! I hope to launch some time this fall.

Olympia Heights: Book 2 (Title Top Secret): This week or next (depending on model's response) I'll be shooting the cover for my 2nd book in the Olympia Heights series, which is outlined but still in first draft phases. I found a great model for the character and we're going to have my model for the cover of Book 3 come and shoot before he gets too adult-looking.

At AWA we'll be advertising Book 1 and we have a wave of postcards going out this month as well. Check out the book at (…

I am also helping to edit and publish other works from Matter Deep Publishing. You can go to (matterdeeppublishing/press) our upcoming projects page to see what the company is working on.
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I've decided that instead of having one artist burn themselves out on my weekly pages, I'll be looking for a bunch of awesome artists to draw 12-15 page arcs of The Department.

The first arc introduces the setting, 6 years after the war, and gives you an idea of where our classic heroes are in their lives. Then it goes into the first plot with Neville and Dunstan (Aurors) going to check out a crime scene and flashing back to some backstory during the war.

The second arc will go into the interviews with the families of the victim and get a glimpse of what some of our at-large Death Eater friends are doing. The story will progress from there and involve murders, terrorism, ghosts, and even the department of mysteries.

You didn't think it'd be all clean and sunshine immediately after Voldemort's 3D ash floated up towards the camera, did you?

Artists wanted! Artists appreciated! If you hate coloring, I can do that. I went to SCAD and I LOVE artists!
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I'm looking to run a web comic, but I need an artist because I do recognize my own shortcomings. The idea is to do a Harry Potter fan comic that centers around the Department of Magical Law Enforcement about 6 years after the end of book 7. Harry would be the boss by then and he, Ron and Hermione would NOT be the focus. The ministry would be trying to round up a handful of at-large Death Eaters and Neville would probably be the character I go back to the most, though George, Savage, and a couple of other Aurors would have plots.

Here is what I need:
An artist who can commit to meeting deadlines to have pages ready for once a week postings (we'd probably gather ten by launch, post 5, and then always be 5 ahead for safety). The pages would be standard comic layout (with speech bubbles, narration boxes, and anywhere from full-page spreads to multi-panel pages, depending on pacing and action). There will be fights, romance, and probably some talkiness.

+Expressions and distinct looks are important: I want to be able to write a range of drama and comedy and I want the characters to be able to change clothes, so having them distinguishable without iconic costumes is important.
+Reliability: I really would hate to have to fire an artist and find someone else because I can't count on them to draw 4 or 5 pages a month.

Here is what I can offer:
I'm a writer (,…,
I'm a web designer (all of those sites, I run. I can manage our site and host it as a subdirectory of my own site, if need be)
I can color (so if part of the deal for getting a great penciler/inker is that I have to color the strips, I'm so in)

The plan:
This would be FAN FICTION and so it would NOT make any money. However, our Deviant Art accounts and other sites would be linked. I can easily post your portfolio, social media links, etc. JK Rowling is cool with Fanfiction as long as we don't profit or interfere with her money, so we're going to stick to doing this for fun and publicity. We'll never publish a trade and we'll never put paid ads on the site.

If you're interested, send me links to some recent work. I'd really love to do this project and I already have quite a few plans for plot.
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I thought about posting it here as fiction, but if you really want plain text you can find it at my Goodreads account (Also Nimbuschick). The excerpt for my book, Olympia Heights: The Pantheon (coming July 16) is available.…

You can check out some art done by Deviant Art members at

ANYONE (who isn't part of my family) can enter here (… to win a copy of the book for their Kindle or Kindle application.
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UPDATE: I have a LOT of hours this week and I won't have time to judge/post before work Wednesday, so you guys have until I get out of work Wednesday, May 4 at 6:15p Central.

My contest runs through May 3 (and I won't be picky about timezone, I'll judge entries the morning of the 4th so people in Cali don't get the raw deal.) Here us the contest: [… ]


Full prize packet for each winner (you can win up to 4 times!)

1. Autographed copy of Olympia Heights: The Pantheon at release
2. Credit posted with your winning art at
3. 100 points!
4. A Llama badge!
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I've had a couple submissions for my contest (… ) but it has also been expressed that if they had a weekend that wasn't Easter, some others would enter. So I'm extending my contest because I admit poor timing. The contest now runs till MAY 3, 2011

As shown in the contest (link above), there are four prizes of 100 points plus one autographed book. You can do just one or all of the characters and if you win multiple characters I'll send you two prizes (you can always give the extra book as a gift!)

Winning art will be displayed on the site and possibly on some printed ad material, but nothing will be sold for profit without a separate deal. So don't worry that I'll be selling t-shirts of your work without you, the legal clearly states I cannot do that.

So now you have until next Tuesday. Hope this helps some of you. Happy drawing/painting/photography, etc.


This summer, Olympia Heights: The Pantheon, the first in a 4 book series, will be published by Matter Deep Publishing. We're working on the web marketing right now and we need some character art to get things moving. Three other artists, all alumnus of the Savannah College of Art and Design have already agreed to do art for 12 of the 16 major characters. We need four more characters illustrated for purposes of advertising and download-able content.

The book centers around a group of High School students in Olympia Heights Florida was mysterious abilities. They come together to discover that they are reincarnations of Greek Gods and that a couple of old enemies have a score to settle.

***TO ENTER***
Submit a one or more character portraits from the following list of CHARACTERS. These must be individual portraits. Group shots will not be usable for the purposes of this contest. Be sure to submit in high resolution. Portraits can be any media but must be finished and polished. Comment to this entry with a link. No aspect ratio or format is defined. You can do a bust shot, a wide shot, a wallpaper, or a banner, etc.

Winners will receive a signed copy of Olympia Heights: The Pantheon shortly after the yet-undecided release date this summer. Winners will also be able to use their work in their portfolio and in their DeviantArt account. Winners for each drawing will also receive 100 DeviantArt Points.

PETER (Hades)- A sophomore boy. Growing quickly and therefore a bit gangly looking. Skinny with  white skin and sunken cheeks. Sharp cheekbones, black eyes with thick lashes. Short, black hair and pouty lips. Peter dresses in dark colours, but he is not a goth. His style is determined by thrift store hand-me-downs. He may have a few Black Sabbath shirts and his clothes are all oversized or worn out.
Peter can talk to ghosts.

PENNY (Persephone)- A freshman girl. Round-faced with blue eyes and blonde hair. She is interested in musicians like Emilie Autumn. Her style is goth in pink.
Penny can revive dead plants.

FRANK (Ares)- A junior, though he stayed back a year. 6 1/2 feet tall with black eyes and black hair. Frank is Cuban. He is also the center for the football team. Frank is a jeans and wife-beater kind of guy. He wears steel-toed boots. He is incredibly intimidating, but has a nice smile.
Frank is super-strong.

CELENE (Demeter)- Penny’s mother, but a physical contrast to her. Celene is thin, 40, with thick dark glasses, brown hair that’s usually pulled back, and brown eyes. She’s a retired drug researcher and now a science teacher. She dresses in business professional, favouring pencil skirts and fitted blouses.
Celene can revive dead plants, too.

Winners will be chosen on the subjective decision of the Author, Amy Leigh Strickland. Professional-looking art work that illustrates the character well will be considered.

By submitting art work, you agree to allow use of your full or partial images with reasonable modification without compensation for the purposes of marketing and free downloads. The illustrations will not appear in the printed book or on merchandise without consent of the artist. If Matter Deep or Amy Strickland want to use the images for merchandise, a separate agreement will have to be formed with the artist.

Olympia Heights and characters remain the property of Amy Leigh Strickland. Winners in the Olympia Heights Art Contest may not license the winning art for any other commercial use or merchandise without the full consent of Matter Deep Publishing.

Contest Runs April 16, 2011 until April 30, 2011. (EXTENDED TILL MAY 3)